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This woman is an activist for just about any human cause imaginable ... she's a mom ... a lyricist ... a musician .... an author ... a tv show host ... and above all, the BEST Rock & Roll gal to ever walk this earth!!! This is none other than Melissa Etheridge.

I learnt about Melissa and her music around the later part of 1994. I immediately took an interest in her music after seeing her perform on some music awards program, an interest that only grew and grew from that day forth. Her music is just jam packed with emotion ... a passion that is so very heart wrenching and sincere. Melissa never ever ceases to amaze me, as her line of talents are infinite! Her most recognized talent is the ability to play rock and roll. She not only writes and plays ALL HER OWN music, but she also plays many instruments; which include both the acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica and piano! Her live guitar performances are extremely intense and at times never ending; especially on one of my all time favorites "Like The Way I Do". She rocks hard, almost as if she were a male rocker - but always giving her softer side as well!

I also admire her for her strength and her honesty; her motto is "Speak True" - and that she does! Melissa came out as a lesbian during president Clinton's ignugual ball, and hasn't looked back since. After coming out, Melissa's music flourished and her position within the lesbian/gay community has helped many.

What Melissa and her music means to me. Put it this way; everyday when waking up - my reason for dragging myself out of bed has a little more to do than just having a wonderful family to arise to ... but in addition, the thought of "I've just been given another day to listen to the Queen of Rock". Dunno about you all, but this is enough to make this girl rise 'n shine! In all sincerity, her music, as I say is my life support - without it, I *know* that I wouldn't be a sane person! I depend on her music when I'm sad, happy, or pissed (oops, I mean angry) The deliverance of her music especially helps me cope with my physical disability ... because of my physical challenges my inner self holds a great deal of anger and frustration. When I feel a rush of these emotions, I toss on a little Melissa - release my problems, and the rest is HER(his)-story!

I don't think Melissa is completely aware of just how many different lives she continues to impact; as I often wonder if she realizes that not only is she a huge influence on the many life's of woman (gay or straight) and gays, but does it ever occur to her that she's also enriched people like myself too?!


Melissa, if you're somewhere out there in cyberland surfing the net (which I know you do) ... I'm hear to tell ya'; YEP, YOU'RE ALL THAT AND MORE TO YOUR FANS!!! Thanks for your down to earth personality!