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Melissa Etheridge Downloadables


Please pardon the mess --- this site is under some major construction!  Some downloads still may be functioning, some may not.

Hello visitor, the cover arts for the following listed Melissa Etheridge bootlegs that were once available here for downloading are no longer available as downloadable files due to limited space on server.  Instead, this listing's purpose is to indicate which covers I currently have and am willing to send to those who are interested as a CD archieve.  I apologize to anyone who may have used this site as a source for obtaining arts, however, I've recently decided that I could better occupy this web space.

To obtain a CD rom containing all of the cover arts that you see listed here (and probably others that haven't yet been listed) please email me at with your request.  All arts will be in either Windows Bitmap or JPEG image format, and will be archieved as zipped files.  All what is required on your part to receive this CD is a blank 74 or 80 minute cdr disc and adequate return postage.  Please subject your email request as "Melissa Etheridge Bootleg Arts CD".  Please allow a day or so for our email reply giving additional info.


16 Unreleased and Unrecorded {904kb}

16 U/U - alternate download!

Acoustic Pt.I {5.41mb}

Acoustic Pt1 - alternate download!

Acoustic Pt.II {5.74mb}

Acoustic Pt2 - alternate download!

Acoustic Fire {2.10mb}

Acoustic Fire - alternate download!

Ahoy 1996 {466006}

Bimbos {470kb}

Bimbos - alternate download!

Bottom Line {833kb}

Bottom Line - alternate download!

Chicago Must Be Crazy {1.59mb}

Chicago Must... - alternate download!

Cirkus {429900}

Jackpot Telephone {597576}

Joint - Las Vegas, 2/12/00 {626kb}

Vegas, Joint - alternate download!

Lets Get It On - Pt.1 {1.83mb}

Lets Get...Pt1 - alternate download!

Let's Get It On - Pt.2 {2.28mb}

Lets Get...Pt2 - alternate download!

No Souvenirs - Live In USA {126kb}

No Souvenirs - alternate download!

Passion & Promise {835kb}

Passion & Promise - alternate download!

Run Baby Run {1.68mb}

Run Baby Run - alternate download!

Set Yourself Free (Front Only) {109kb}

Set Yourself Free - alternate download!

Souvenirs *CDM* {1.49mb}

Souvenirs CDM - alternate download!

Souvenirs *Hard Rain* {1.87mb}

Souvenirs HARD RAIN - alternate download!

The Only One {8.28mb}

Only One - alternate download!

Ultimate Rarities (Front Only) {88.5kb}

Ultimate Rarities - alternate download!

Unplugged & More {1.11mb}

Unplugged & More - alternate download!

V {257kb}

V - alternate download!

Valentines Day {1,715kb}

Valentines Day - alternate download!

Volume One/Live USA {1.01mb}

Volume One - alternate download!

When I Was A Child {1.70mb}

When I Was A Child - alternate download!

Custom Made Covers; Courtesy of Annet van Veen

A Night at the Roxy (148kb)

A Pocket Full of Songs (345kb)

Chromium Blues (454kb)

From Luxor To LA (380kb)

Heart & Soul (502kb)

The Scent of Passion (356kb)


Stronger Than Me - Acoustic Mix UK {154kb}

Stronger Than Me - Evolution Mix GER {138kb}

Enough of Me 3a version {3.93mb}

2001 Remix {785kb}

*2001 Remix - alternate download!


Star 100.7 Jingle Ball '99 {360kb}

Even if ya' have a custom made one, like the one shown above ... share it! Originality is well appreciated by many!!!





*Skins require a copy of the Real Jukebox to be installed on your computer. The skins file contains a Readme text which tells how to obtain a copy of Real Jukebox as well as how to apply the skins.

Click Photo For Skin Samples & Downloads


Lava Lamp, Bubbling

Looking for CD covers on other artists? Visit our 'Request A Cover' page. Here, you can enter your request, and if we have this particular cover ... we will upload it just for you in a matter of a day or two. What better service! CLICK ON LAVA LAMP!


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